Platform that will allow everyone to become
not only an investor but a part
of the blockchain-banking ecosystem
development that will enhance traditional financial institutions.

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FundUp ledger in financial services

The technology that allows untrusted parties to come to an agreement on the state of a database, without using a middleman.



By establishing a decentralized ledger for payments blockchain-fundup technology could facilitate faster payments at lower fees than banks.



Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are experimenting with a new model of financing that unbundles access to capital from traditional capital-raising services and firms.



By tokenizing traditional securities such as stocks, bonds, and alternative assets and placing them on public blockchain.

FundUp Clearance and Settlement System

The centralized SWIFT protocol does not actually send the funds; it simply sends the payment orders. The actual money is then processed through a system of intermediaries. Each intermediary adds additional cost to the transaction and creates a potential point of failure.

FundUp, which plays a role as a decentralized "ledger" of transactions, could disrupt this state of play. Rather than using SWIFT to reconcile each financial institution's ledger, an interbank blockchain could keep track of all transactions publicly and transparently. That means that instead of having to rely on a network of custodial services and correspondent banks, transactions could be settled directly on a public blockchain.


Benefits of FundUp


FundUp tech removes the middleman in asset rights transfers, lowering asset exchange fees, giving access to wider global markets, and reducing the instability of the traditional securities market.


Moving securities on blockchains could save $17B to $24B per year in global trade processing costs.


FundUp-enabled lending offers a more secure way of offering personal loans to a larger pool of consumers and would make the loan process cheaper, more efficient, and more secure.


Build the future
of finance

We intend to help alleviate the high costs of maintaining a global network of correspondent banks. An Accenture survey among 8 international banks found that blockchain-fundup technology could bring down the average cost of clearing and settling transactions by $10B annually.

Our goal is to bring the traditional banking industry into a highly digitized world, where it becomes more efficient and less costly for our customers.

Token Management

Token Distribution

Fund Distribution


Concept - Stage 1

Concept generation, team assemble.

Project idea - Stage 2

Providing the concept work strategy and starting creating the white paper.

Design - Stage 3

Building the FXLP (FundUp ledger) protocol platform and developing global bank data unification network. Waiting approval from the global bank institutions to integrate global banking records.

Funding - Stage 4

This allows us to complete the design phase and conduct series of product tests before our initial offering.

Testing - Stage 5

We are already launching the platform in the beta mode. Our developers are working on FundUp token and integrating it in Ethereum blockchain (ERC20).

Platform deployment - Stage 6

A huge amount of work was done and a working version of the platform has been rolled out. It's ready to be used in full mode and enter the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

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FundUp is an ecosystem that intends to utilize blockchain technology in the traditional banking/finance system. The goal is to enhance and simplify the system in a way that each and every user will be able to participate in this development stage of ecosystem such as investors, developers, users, etc., through specifically designed smart contracts and tokens (i.e. Fund Token), thus providing the opportunity to easily invest in all the stages created within this ecosystem.

The transparency of our investment project is its #1 priority. Any individual can invest in a company with us, regardless of whether they are a new investor or an experienced pro. Our ultimate goal is to provide simple and accessible investment opportunities for everyone around the world.

FundUp uses the Ethereum blockchain and will fully transition to its own blockchain within 3 months after the ICO ends. In this process, all existing ERC-20 tokens will be exchanged for our original token, which will allow you to use FundUp's services seamlessly.

FundUp token will be subject of listing on the exchange platform(s) when the hard cap is raised, which will be announced in our platform.
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